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A. Company Literature
U.S. Dynamics has supported the Telecommunications, Scientific, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace Industries. Click About USD to view coporate capabilities overview.
      Corporate overview
Corporate capabilites overview.
      Stabilize your gyroscope needs
USD can deliver a form, fit and funtion, or a designed-to-spec replacement, quickly and economically.
      Keep the Legacy Alive
For over 40 years U.S. Dynamics Corporation (USD) has been providing DMS support with repair, overhaul and factory new assemblies and sub-assemblies for legacy and mature systems. USD is an established, experienced provider of Repair and Overhaul, as well as Factory New assemblies and sub-assemblies. Our expertise in system support includes radar, navigation and fire control for airborne, ground-based and shipboard applications. USD supports systems that are no longer supported by the OEM, as well as providing a cost-effective alternative to your solutions concerning obsolescence or DMS.