USD has greatly enhanced the performance of the spinning mass gyroscope, allowing customers to improve and sustain their legacy systems, without radical redesign or re-engineering. Through programs such as Continuous Improvement, Six-Sigma and Lean, we have been enhancing our line of rate and rate integrating gyros, with improved performance, quality and customer cost.

The reliability of USD gyroscopes is demonstrated in the long life of our standard spin motor bearings typically achieving over 4,000 hours of high speed operation. Utilizing specially designed components and materials, USD can provide a longer life bearing capable of over 12,000 hours upon request.

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USD’s gyroscopes can be easily interchanged with the Honeywell GG1111, GG250 and GG445 family of gyros. We also provide drop-in replacements for the Condor Pacific / Northrop / Timex GI-G5, GR-G5 and GI-G6 gyroscopes, all benefiting from over 40 years of continuous improvement.

Value Added Support

Cable/connector assemblies, mounting brackets, heater and sensor assemblies, magnetic shielding, high linearity torquers for rate integrating gyros and self test features for rate gyros can be configured to meet your requirements.

USD can also provide any of the electronics required to interface with your current design and system. Whether a stand-alone circuit card or a full rate sensor package, USD will work with your systems engineers to provide a high quality, low cost solution.